Statement-Makers in Self-Care

What began as a revolution in cleansing with our award-winning Proprietary Delivery System, we continue to develop first-ever patented technologies to create multi-functional products for every aspect of self-care. From the original Body Wash Infused Buffer® to ingenuity in home scenting, we reimagine what's new and next in beauty.

Elevate the everyday with world-class shower care and clean scent-scaping essentials to turn routines into memorable rituals. 

All-In-One Beauty Treatment
At-Home Spa Experience
No More Germ-Ridden Loofah
Compact & Travel Friendly

Who We Are

Spongellé® is a family-owned brand delivering elevated, all-in-one beauty treatments since 2013. Our Body Wash Infused Buffers®, award-winning Proprietary Delivery System, high-quality ingredients, and sought-after custom-blended fragrances catapulted us as a category leader in self-care.

Today, we apply that same ingenuity to all of our cruelty-free, vegan products to reimagine what’s new and next in all-over body hydration, eau de toilettes, at-home pedicures, and revolutionary home-scenting diffusers.

An Evolution in Spa Cleansing 

Meet the first-ever Body Wash Infused Buffer® packed with natural cleansing ingredients, soothing botanical extracts, gentle exfoliation, and indulgent custom fragrances.

  • All-in-One Beauty Treatment   
  • At-Home Spa Experience  
  • No More Germ-Infested Loofahs 
  • Compact & Travel Friendly 
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